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Kids come in different sizes,

so should their furniture.

Remote learning desk setups at just the right height.

Furniture designed for remote learning 

A new collection of lightweight and easy to assemble workstations for your home classroom. Desks, dividers, cubbies, and focus nooks that make distance learning just a little bit easier.

Rock the cardboard 

Chairigami cardboard furniture will blow your mind.  

So strong, it can support 

your most heroic clients.

So light, kids can bench press it.

So quick to assemble, you'll finish before the next song.

Why Chairigami?

Chairigami cardboard furniture is bold, creative, and environmentally conscious. Cardboard is a blank slate that welcomes weird, wacky, and brilliant ideas. Our corrugated cardboard furniture starts conversations so you can build meaningful relationships with your clients.

We've helped major brands tell their stories

Learn how Chairigami can transform your space

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