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Legal Details

Intellectual property notice of Chairigami, LLC (“Chairigami”) and Zachary Rotholz (“Rotholz”)
1. Chairigami and Rotholz are the sole designers, manufacturers, and distributors of Chairigami furniture. No other party is authorized to use the Chairgami furniture designs or to make, have made, import, or distribute furniture according to those designs.
2. Original text and photographs used on this website and in Chairigami marketing materials and certain design features of Chairigami are protected by copyright owned by Chairgami and Zachary Rotholz and may not be copied or used without the prior written permission of Chairigami.
3. CHAIRGAMI and the CHAIRIGAMI & Design mark are trademarks of Chairigami LLC that are registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and in other various countries.
4. Certain Chairigami furniture may be covered by several United States patents and pending patent applications.

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