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Distance Learning

Welcome to your new distance learning setup.

Kid's Workstation Set #2 cropped.jpg

Furniture designed for remote learning so you can build your child’s dream home classroom.  A custom workspace that's easy to set up and lightweight to move.




200903 Chairigami20240.jpg

Stay organized through the chaos.

200903 Chairigami20172.jpg

Furniture sets designed just for kids.

200903 Chairigami20274.jpg

Pop-up privacy when you need it.

Materials matter.

Our furniture is made from Triple Wall, a heavy-duty fiberboard engineered to meet our tough strength standards. Super strong yet lightweight and 100 % recyclable.

200903 Chairigami20435.jpg
200903 Chairigami20444.jpg

It's all in the folds.

Simple folds combine to create flatpacking and easy to assemble furniture that goes wherever you go.

Unlock your child's potential

Chairigami furniture will gear you up for distance learning at home. 


Easy to assemble and easy to flatpack for storage.

200903 Chairigami20390.jpg

Choose the right height workstation for your child so they can learn in comfort.

chair art.jpg

Fun to decorate and personalize

Introducing the new remote learning collection.

background 2.jpg

Kids come in different sizes, so should their furniture.


Why Chairigami?

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Yale and a Masters from the Stanford Design Program, founder Zach Rotholz uses principles of structural origami to create cardboard furniture for all.  We proudly manufacture right here in America and all of our furniture is flatpacking and 100% recyclable.

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