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Standing Desks

Upgrade your remote workstation.

Chairigami standing desks are designed so remote work can be healthy and ergonomic.  Create your ideal workspace with furniture that's easy to setup and easy to move.


Which Desk is Right for You?

The Lab Desk

The Standing Desk

The Topper

[Maximize Storage]

[Spread Out]

[Stay Flexibile]

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Keep your stuff within arm's reach.

Enough room for everything from a monitor to a notebook.

Convert your desk into a standing desk. 

Materials matter.

Our furniture is made from Triple Wall, a heavy-duty fiberboard engineered to meet our tough strength standards. Super strong yet lightweight and 100 % recyclable.

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It's all in the folds.

Simple folds combine to create flatpacking and easy to assemble furniture that goes wherever you go.

Unlock your potential

Chairigami furniture will gear you up for remote work at home. 


Easy to assemble and easy to flatpack for storage.





Choose the workstation that fits you best


Exciting to decorate and personalize

Meet the cardboard standing desk collection.


5 Tips For Designing a Standing Workstation

1. Give yourself room to walk


While standing is often healthier than sitting, it's important to constantly move and change your position while working at a cardboard standing desk.  Make sure you've dedicated  open space around your standing desk, so you can easily transition to walking around the room and doing light stretching.  Carpets or yoga mats are better than hardwood floors because they encourage active balance and cushion weight load on your feet.

2. Choose a standing desk that's the right height 

Standing desks are most ergonomic when they match your height as well as the type of work you do.  For extended work hours on a laptop computer, your wrists will be most comfortable if your elbows are bent at ninety degrees. For work with physical materials or print, a lower desk may be more beneficial for easy reach and sightlines. Chairigami cardboard standing desks come in three heights (38", 42", and 44") so you can design your home workstation setup to be most comfortable for however you work.  

3. Prototype as you go

There's no right way to design your home office. It's important, epecially at the beginning, to try several configurations to find which is most conducive to your work style.  Test your cardboard standing desk near a window or move it center stage so you can work from either side.  Cardboard standing desks are so lightweight, it makes it easy to reconfigure and rearrange your space.   

4. Transition slowly 

Give yourself time to adjust. Your transition to working at a cardboard standing desk should be both gradual and intentional.  Stand an hour a day at the beginning and listen to your body as you increase standing time and which days you choose to work standing. 

5. Invest in an external keyboard and mouse 

Though laptops are mobile, they are not ideal for ergonomics.  Because screens are attached to keyboards, people compromise by excessively tilting their necks or bending their wrists.  Invest in an external key board and mouse so you can elevate your laptop on your cardboard standing desk.  We've even designed a cardboard laptop stand especially for this purpose.

Why Chairigami?

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Yale and a Masters from the Stanford Design Program, founder Zach Rotholz uses principles of structural origami to create cardboard furniture for all.  We proudly manufacture right here in America and all of our furniture is flatpacking and 100% recyclable.

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