Standing Desks

Upgrade your remote workstation.

Chairigami standing desks are designed so remote work can be healthy and ergonomic.  Create your ideal workspace with furniture that's easy to setup and easy to move.


Which Desk is Right for You?

The Lab Desk

The Standing Desk

The Topper

[Maximize Storage]

[Spread Out]

[Stay Flexibile]

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Keep your stuff within arm's reach.

Enough room for everything from a monitor to a notebook.

Convert your desk into a standing desk. 

Materials matter.

Our furniture is made from Triple Wall, a heavy-duty fiberboard engineered to meet our tough strength standards. Super strong yet lightweight and 100 % recyclable.

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It's all in the folds.

Simple folds combine to create flatpacking and easy to assemble furniture that goes wherever you go.

Unlock your potential

Chairigami furniture will gear you up for remote work at home. 


Easy to assemble and easy to flatpack for storage.





Choose the workstation that fits you best


Exciting to decorate and personalize

Meet the cardboard standing desk collection.